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Protozoan videosPROTOZOAN VIDEOS: A variety of videos and DVDs for grades K-4 and 5-12. Extensive teacher handbooks accompany the protozoan video series and include projects, labs and experiements.


BeakersSCIENCE SAFETY VIDEOS: Science Safety videos are available for teacher and administrator education as well as grades 6-9 student viewing. Both videos include a 60-page reproducible teacher handbook on CD-ROM with informational documents, safety checklists, classroom safety worksheets and student safety quizzes.

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SCIENCE FAIR VIDEOS: A variety of videos for science fairs covering everything from elementary school through Jr. High and High School. These videos can help students learn how to prepare for a science fair and understand the judging at science fairs. Many of the science fair videos include reproducible teacher handbooks.


Water Rocket ImageWATER ROCKETS VIDEOS: These videos cover safety, launching pads, variables, etc. The included 115-page reproducible teacher handbook provides lesson plans, diagrams, projects and instructional information on Newton's laws, finding altitude, using free-fall formulas, rocket velocity, the Law of Sines and Hooke's Law.

    • Water Rockets I (Intrductory)
    • Water Rockets II (Intermediate)
    • Water Rockets III (Advanced)

: These videos are an excellent teacher resource for grades K-3 and 4-6. Science Videos ImageThe teacher outlines include projects, experiments, quizzes and informational worksheets. The entireset can be ordered as a package orindividual videos can be ordered.

Light Bulb ImageINVENTION VIDEOS: These videos will motivate children to tap into their creative talents and motivate them to try new things! The videos are for grades 1-9 and the "Invent It!" video includes a teacher handbook.

      • Inventioneering (Grades 3-7)
      • Invent It! (Grades 1-9)Butterfly Image

BUTTERFLY STORY VIDEO: Learn about the life of a butterfly in thisvideo for grades 4-8. A teacher guide is included with the science video.


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BUBBLEOLOGY VIDEO: This science video covers a variety of activities and fun things you can do with dish soap! The video includes a reproducible teacher handbook with activities. This teacher handbook includes information on mixing soap solutions, why bubbles have different colors in them and why bubbles for spheres. Grades 1-8.


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MICROSCOPE VIDEO: This DVD "Experiments with a Microscope" includes a 100-page reproducible teacher handbook in either printed form or on CD-ROM. The handbook included worksheets, labs and activities and should be used in conjunction with the DVD and the included slide kit. The slide kit contains prepared slides as well as materials for making your own slides. If you don't yet have a microscope you can purchase one from Microscope World.

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