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Microscope Teacher Handbook

The Experiments With a Microscope teacher handbook is available in either a printed book form or on CD-ROM. This 100-page book is a great resource filled with lesson plans, information sheets, lab activity pages, puzzles and even a quiz on each of the four sections described below.

Part 1 - The Microscope. This section includes information on proper use of the microscope, tips and techniques for conducting successful lab activities, preparing wet-mount slides and making measurements with the microscope.

Part 2 - Investigating Cells. This section covers "What is a cell?", observing plant and animal cells, the effect of salt water on cells and investigating mitosis.

Part 3 - Prepared Slides. This section looks deeper into investigating pine needles, plant stems, plant leaves, earthworms and the flea, as well as bacteria in foods. All of the prepared slides that are covered in this section are included in Microscope World's super slide kit. This slide kit is included free with any student high power microscope purchase from Microscope World.

Part 4 - Investigating Pond Water. This section includes lesson plans and covers protists, protozoa, collecting water samples and culturing protozoa, caring for your organisms, investigating pond water and investigating daphnia.

View a sample lab "Investigating Blood Cells" from the teacher handbook here.

Grades: 4-10, 100-page reproducible teacher handbook
Copyright: 1993

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