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Your Science Project: K-3 & 4-6

This video contains two separate productions. The first is a 17-minute presentation for primary students that covers basic and interesting projects that focus on observational skills. Topics include insects, volcanoes, simple machines and a taste-test experiment.

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The second presentation for secondary students is 22 minutes and illustrates two types of projects: The demonstration of a scientific principle and the experiment. Motivating ideas include:

  • Home-made periscope
  • How clouds form
  • The effect of music on our heart rate
  • The durability of fabric colors

The video comes with a 31-page handbook filled with safety rules, experiment worksheets, progress reports, entry and judging forms and over 400 project ideas!

View a sample project from the "Earth Science K-3" section in the teacher handbook.

Grades: K-6, Running Time: 38 min. (17 min for primary studnets & 22 min for secondary students). Format: VHS. Copyright: 1994.
Includes: 31-page reproducible teacher handbook

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