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You Be The Judge!

This 31-minute video complemets our middle school and high school programs and will add depth to your students' knowledge and understanding of experimental methods.

  • First the important steps in producing a quality science project are illustrated
  • Then, with case studies, the viewer critiques six projects:
    • Was the sample large enough?
    • Was a control used?
    • Were variables properly managed?

Judge Image

By systematically analyzing these projects, students, teachers (and judges!) will gain a greater understanding of science projects and valid experimental methods. This is an excellent program to illustrate scientific methods and includes our most comprehensive 70-page reproducible science fair handbook.

View a sample worksheet "You Be The Judge" from the teacher handbook here.

Grades: 5-12, Running Time: 31 min. Format: VHS or DVD. Copyright: 1991.
Includes: 70-page reproducible teacher handbook.

ORDER You Be The Judge video and teacher handbook here.

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