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Science Projects for Jr. High

This is a fast-paced 28-minute production that presents over 40 experimental projects at various levels of difficulty. Middle school students will learn to improve the quality of their science projects with this video. With ten interviews, your students will see many interesting examples of science projects. See Scott with his robot arm that picks up an egg without crushing it. Kelly studied erosion and Jenny tested the pulling power of snails.


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By watching this program your students will learn why it is important to have a large sample size, and will see the reason for controlling variables and viewing many display types. This video includes a 40-page reproducible teacher handbook that includes information on how to prepare a science project, building the display and writing a report, as well as interviewing with judges. Sample entry, certification and judging forms are all included in the handbook.

View a sample page of the student timeline from the teacher handbook here.

Grades: 6-9, Running Time: 28 min. Format: VHS. Copyright: 1996.
Includes: 40-page reproducible teacher handbook.

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