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Are you unsure of how to prepare for a science fair or how to manage the events? This video is made you, the teacher, to help you get started. You may want to add a video to help the students get ready as well.


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This video is made for schools that are preparing for their first science fair, or would like to fine tune their existing science fair. The 40-minute video is accompanied by a 29-page reproducible teacher handbook. The video can be used for teachers or at an orientation meeting for parents or judges. Topics include science safety, acceptable and unacceptable projects, getting publicity, community interfacing and methods of judging and handling awards. The program will provide knowledge and appreciation of the science fair.

View a sample page from the teacher handbook here.

Grades: For Teachers, Running Time: 40 min. Format: VHS. Copyright: 1993.
Includes: 29-page reproducible teacher handbook.

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