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Science Project Grade 6

This 23-minute video is intended for 6th graders and has demonstration and experimental types of projects. The video works well with its complementary video "Your Science Project". You will see a Venus Fly Trap, learn about reflection, distillation and the center of gravity. Experimental topics literally "span" from the complex topic of "Which Bridge Design Works Best" to a simple observational color analysis of M&M's. With this video and the teacher's notes that accompany it, you will be encouraged to try two of the experiments in class. Find out how to improve experiments by increasing the sample size and controlling the variables. And finally, see how a project is developed from start to finish by following David as he completes his project in photography.

Grade: 6, Running Time: 23 min. Format: VHS. Copyright: 1992.

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Science Project Grade 6

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