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K-3 Physical Science I Video

The Physical Science I video for grades K-3 is a program for elementary teachers that covers matter and mechanics. The video includes a printed outline that includes lesson plans, observational activities and experiments.

Section 1 - Matter (34 min)

  • Physical properties
  • The 5 senses
  • Making approximations
  • Safety
  • Dissolving rates
  • Particle model
  • Identifying unknowns
  • Making measurements - units, length, weight, volume
  • Using the balance and a graduated cylinder

Five Senses Image

Section 2 - Mechanics (30 min)

  • Classifying by position and motion
  • Reading coordinates
  • Investigating motion and energy
  • Friction
  • Simple machines - levers (types), applications, inclined plane, wedge, wheel and axel, pulleys and gears.

View a sample project from the "Physical Science K-3" section in the teacher handbook.

Grades: K-3, Running Time: 1 hr. 8 min. Format: VHS. Copyright: 1986.
Includes: Printed teaching outline.

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